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Now what

Now what?

One of the first things most people do when they start a new business today is to try and get the website done, dusted and launched asap. Why? Because everyone knows you gotta have it now, today. Right?? They look…
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handle this with extreme care!

Handle with extreme care!

“It’s a kind of magic… One golden glance of what should be…” – Queen. The magic. Coming up with a great idea for a new business and brand is a moment of magic, but it is an extremely fragile one.…
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Be the conductor of your own brand

Be the conductor of your own brand

Personal branding is in essence ‘personal’ – it starts with you, no one else. Now, if you’re not bursting with self-belief and confidence, this is a scary thought. You’re stepping out from behind the mask of anonymity and saying to…
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I'm gonna burst your brand bubble..

I’m gonna burst your bubble…

Why? Because I care. The real challenge is not starting a business. Most new businesses launch themselves out of the starting blocks full of enthusiasm, energy, excitement and passion for what’s ahead (some even have funding). The new orders are…
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We only notice what we care about!

Why? Because what we care about is important to us. It can stop us in the street, turn our head, make us sit up and listen. It gets our attention every time we hear about it, see it, feel it,…
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Why no one cares about you or your product

No one cares about you or your product

Sorry but it’s true. In the beginning you’re simply a product no one knows and a name no one has ever heard of. You will not get rich overnight and the world will not be beating a path to your…
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what if you’re doing it wrong?

But what if you’re doing it wrong?

Well, there are two answers to this question. Firstly getting it wrong is not the problem. We all get stuff wrong and if you know you’ve got it wrong you can put it right. In fact sometimes getting it wrong…
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Sometimes Mondays are the best days

Sometimes Mondays are the best days!

Mondays can be the beginning of something good or the end of something not so good. Sometimes Mondays are the perfect day to make big decisions. Sometimes though the best decision can be to walk away from something. Yes, we…
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