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Anne Thru – Elkie & Ark – Australia

LIFE – has ‘if’ in it for a reason

“This book is an espresso for the soul. You need a fresh shot every morning”  – John Magee, Bestselling Author, Kindness Matters

If you are a student, a graduate, a shop assistant or a senior manager. If you have just been made redundant, just retired, a mother of 3 with a mortgage (and can’t remember the last time you had any time to yourself) or you are in a dead-end job, and life only exists between Friday night and Monday morning this book is for you.

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When it comes to building a business, too many entrepreneurs forget to build their brand.

Without creating a powerful visible brand you’re ‘just another business’, lost in the crowd, forever struggling to be noticed.

My Brand ‘YOU’ course helps entrepreneurs, CEOs, global corporations, start-ups, coaches, authors and thought-leaders turn themselves and their ideas into powerful and profitable brands. It can help you!

The decision is as always – yours. Make it a good one ☺

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