Now what

Now what?

One of the first things most people do when they start a new business today is to try and get the website done, dusted and launched asap.


Because everyone knows you gotta have it now, today. Right??

They look around and do a little bit of research (usually based on cost) they find a good designer (eventually), write some content (painfully), the designer does them proud and ‘pulls it out the bag’ and makes it look nice and sexy.

Everyone they show it to says “it looks fantastic”.

They’re feelin good! And so they should.

It’s been a long journey full of frustrations, setbacks, expense, late nights and long weekends but it’s done now and looks beautiful.

Their new business is open to the online world.


Now what?

As the days and weeks go by it can all start to feel like a bit of a ‘damp squib’.

  • Where are all your new customers?
  • Why is no one buying anything?

The truth is… in the rush to get their product in front of that new online global audience and get that money coming in they forget to clearly define who their real customer is!

Yes, the site is beautifully designed, yes, the products look good, yes, the copy is well written with the spelling painstakingly checked and yes, the backend works like a dream. However, all of this means nothing if you have no customers

Of course, these are all important tasks that have to be done correctly but they alone will not bring in the revenue.

In fact they alone will not bring in any customers.

What you do need is to…

Connect with your customer

To be able to successfully connect with your customer you first need to know who your customer is.

Not who you think it is.

Only then can you hope to understand them.

Only when you understand them will you know what is important to them.

Only then can you possibly know what to sell to them, how to sell it them and when to sell it to them?

‘Until you understand your audience you won’t understand your audience’.

Once you understand what your audience is looking for and why you then know how to talk to them.


Marketing hype might bring customers to your website but if you can’t connect in any meaningful way they won’t stay for long.


Your next steps:

If you want to begin creating a brand that really does inspire and turns your followers into customers then this is what you should do:

  • Sign up to my next brand you masterclass.

The decision is as always – yours. Make it a good one



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