I'm gonna burst your brand bubble..

I’m gonna burst your bubble…


Because I care.

The real challenge is not starting a business.

Most new businesses launch themselves out of the starting blocks full of enthusiasm, energy, excitement and passion for what’s ahead (some even have funding).

The new orders are coming in and the future looks bright.

Everyone loves what you’re doing and you can’t wait to tell everyone about your product, service, course, book, album and ‘keep fit’ video – whatever it is.

All of a sudden you love being invited round to dinner parties. It’s a chance to tell everyone (again).


Now I want you to close your eyes and ‘enjoy the moment’ I know how nice it is, I’ve been there many times myself.

But wait…

I am going to burst your bubble and here it is!

Believe it or not you’ve just done the easy bit.

What comes next needs patience, persistence, some true grit and a big spoonful of knowhow.


Because now you’ve got to build your brand.

I’m going to say that again (because it’s important) – now you’ve got to build your brand.

To be honest you should have started building your brand before launching your product… but it’s not too late which is why I created my ‘Brand YOU’ course.


Because I believe (Hell I KNOW) that without building a powerful brand your journey is going to be a very tough one.

You may become hugely successful, but without a powerful brand you’re gonna need a lot of luck along the way and plenty of cash.

Your brand…

Your brand is not just part of your business (another item on the your task chain).

Your brand ‘is’ your business – which is why I created my ‘Brand YOU’ course.

Your brand will be what keeps bringing in the customers, inspiring those customers; turning those customers into loyal followers and willing contributors to your bank account.

Remember you’re not in business to rip people off but you’re also not in business to be poor. I want you to be successful 🙂

The bottom line is ‘everything is about the customer’.

Who they really are (not who you think they are)

Where to find them

How to inspire them

How NOT to lose them (hell nooo!)

how to get more

The answer is in your brand!

So start building your brand right now!


there is a right way and there are many wrong ways.

You have to take ‘building your brand’ seriously if you want to succeed.

Do it right- right now!


Don’t panic I have you covered.

My Brand ‘YOU’ course will give you everything you need to transform you, your idea, your passion or your business existing business into a powerful, profitable and successful brand.



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