When ‘talking behind your back’ is a good thing!

When ‘talking behind your back’ is a good thing!

You can have the most amazing product or service in the world but if no one knows about it – then no one knows about it. Fact!

If no one knows about it no one is going to talk about you or your product and, if no one is talking about you and helping you to spread the word, your business is not going to survive for long. Fact!

You get de-motivated, disillusioned, everything becomes an uphill struggle and you stop!

If you want your idea, product, service, book, blog, course, whatever it is, to be talked about when you’re not in the room – you have to give people something to talk about.

It is true that we can’t control what people say about us but we can certainly influence it.

How do you do that?

By giving people something good to talk about – by connecting not by (con)necting.

(Con)necting is about manipulating your audience. It’s shallow and self-serving and it will fail in the end.

Marketing hype might bring customers to your door but if the brand cannot connect in any meaningful way they won’t stay for long.

Be honest, be open, be helpful, be generous and inspire.

Do that and the people who start talking behind your back will be saying good things!

‘When you care, they will share’.




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