Being wrong until you are right

Being wrong until you are right

Being wrong until we are right can be painful.

Who knows how long it will take?

Who knows how much it will cost?

Who knows what sacrifices you might have to make along the way?

Who knows just how many mistakes it will take?

What’s wrong with being wrong?


It’s how we learn, otherwise we never will.

Getting it wrong doesn’t mean you’ve got it wrong.

It might just mean it’s not quite right yet.

It might just need a tweak or two, rewording, re-emphasising, fine-tuning.

Sometimes we give up because we just didn’t know how close we were to getting it right.

What I am really saying is…

Being wrong until you are right is not always the best way to get it right.

Sometimes all you really need is a guiding-hand, a roadmap, a mentor, someone who already knows how to get it right.

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