Without it there would be no entrepreneurs!

Without it there would be no entrepreneurs

What killed the cat will set you free!

But beware!

Sometimes we’re so busy listening to experts, online gurus, celebrities, coaches, teachers, authors and well meaning friends that we no longer listen to ourselves.

This can become addictive and counter-productive, a sort of ‘wantapreneur coma’, we become ‘online course junkies’ in search of the magic bullet that will set us free, make us rich, successful, happy and fulfilled.

The trouble is…

We can become trapped in a negative cycle of indecision.

Instead of helping us to ‘break free’ from whatever we believe is holding us back in life it overwhelms us, it confuses us and feeds our self-doubt instead of our self-belief.

They make it all sound so easy that we believe it is and fall at the first hurdle, never to try again.

The answer

The answer is to stop fooling ourselves that by following one more celebrity online coach our life will somehow improve and we can be like them it won’t.

The answer is to make a start NOW, TODAY on something that you’re passionate about and DON’T STOP.

Seek advice along the way when you need it (don’t look for magic bullets).

“A single conversation with a wise man is better than ten years of study”.Chinese Proverb


When we are children we are all curious by nature – it is how we learn, it’s how we grow. Research suggests staying curious throughout our life can yield incredible benefits including improved social relationships, health and happiness as well as in business. Sadly this is often gets lost as we grow older.

“Children are born scientists. From the first ball they send flying to the ant they watch carry a crumb, children use science’s tools—enthusiasm, hypotheses, tests, conclusions—to uncover the world’s mysteries. But somehow students seem to lose what once came naturally.”
– Dr. Carlo Parvanno

Curiosity – that powerful human trait, which motivates all creative and inquisitive people to search for their true purpose, is replaced by the need for answers to problems. Answers become more important than inquisitive thought. Some research suggests we begin to lose our sense of curiosity by the time we reach 30.

So – enough already with the online webinars and courses, it is time to embrace your childhood curiosity to set yourself free.

The important thing is not to stop questioning… Never lose a holy curiosity.
Albert Einstein

Why is curiosity so important in business?

Curiosity is one of the key driving forces behind creativity, innovation and invention. It can make the difference between whether your business thrives or merely survives.

“I am neither clever nor especially gifted. I am only very, very curious”.
Albert Einstein

Here are 3 reasons why you need to nurture curiosity in yourself, your business and your employees.

  1. A world of possibilities

It takes a curious mind to see what others don’t see. Often opportunities lie hidden in full view to all but the curious.

  1. Curiosity and the entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship cannot exist without curiosity. Most people think ‘inside the box’, some think ‘outside the box’ but for true entrepreneurs there is no box at all there is only inquisitive thought.

Entrepreneurship is about creating something new out of something others believe has no value. An entrepreneur has the ability to spot an opportunity and then create something of extraordinary value where others don’t.

  1. The engine of change

Curiosity is probably the most important tool in business. It is what separates us from the mediocre. Curiosity in business encourages innovation, creativity and enthusiasm.

“Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers”.


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