The truth is anyone can start a business.

It’s not a business you should create…

Let’s be honest. Anyone can start a business!

There’s plenty of information out there and it’s just a Google search away.

There are thousands of people who can tell you what steps to take and in what order to take them, and that’s because it’s not difficult!

What most of them cannot tell you is how to build a powerful brand.

The truth is – that’s exactly why too many businesses fail or if they don’t fail they limp along, surviving when they could be thriving – invisible to the world.

The truth is – it’s not a business you should create, but a powerful brand.

Yes I’m a branding expert and yes ‘I would say that wouldn’t I?’ but I have also started many businesses in my life and I know it takes more than a nice product or service to make that product or service a success.

Warning: I’m not saying it’s easy to be successful – it’s not. I’m saying it is easy to start a business and if that is all you want to do, then you don’t need my advice.

The bottom line is – if you start a business instead of a brand it will always be an uphill climb to reach your audience.

You owe it to yourself to ‘brand right‘ from the beginning. If you do you will never regret it!

That’s a promise.

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