Welcome to my Brand-aid series

In this lesson, I want to cover what’s in a name and the answer is a hell of a lot. This lesson consists of a tutorial video, supporting study guide and step-by-step action list.

How to create the perfect brand name!

We all want to answer the easiest questions first and to avoid the ‘tough’ ones; it is only human nature.  Deciding on a name for your business is, I have to tell you, one of the tough ones.


What's in a name?

Each study guide is a recap of the video above in more detail.


What's in a name?

Here are 7 crucial questions you should ask yourself before naming your business.

The following video shows what can happen when a brand name becomes a hostage to disastrous world events?

* Resources library

Here is my list of resources and links to free online tools that will make life a hell of a lot easier for you.