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An hour with me could save you a year of lost opportunities, unnecessary expense and costly mistakes.

For over 35 years I’ve been helping entrepreneurs, CEOs, global corporations, start-ups, authors and people just like you turn themselves and their ideas into powerful brands.


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“I have to admit the thought of starting my new business (my first) was very scary. I have wanted to do it for years but children and career got in the way. After a couple of sessions with Arthur it all became so clear. His softly spoken and inclusive approach to mentoring made me feel at ease from the get go. Thank you again for the wonderful advice”

Sally TomkinsChef – Montpellier, France

“Just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to Arthur who spent over an hour with me yesterday on my brand. I had been struggling with my tag line / slogan and logo along with other bits for so long, kept changing it and he came along and made everything so clear… it was all right there in front of me. Not only that he reassured me on some other things I’ve been feeling were not “right” but that’s what the media and other “experts” out there say.. Thank you Arthur you are amazing!!! Much love to you!”

Melany Oliver Holistic & Complementary TherapistUnited Arab Emirates

“Two years into my business and I have only now had a chance to think about my brand and what it actually means to my customers. The speed with which Arthur managed to pinpoint where I was going wrong and what I needed to do to put it right was incredible.

He explained with clarity and wisdom how to reconnect with my audience and build a blueprint for the future. Thank you so much”.

Tom EldridgeDublin, Ireland

“I had my Skype call with Arthur today around building my brand and it was eye-opening!!! I am now formulating a plan for a streamlined and much more understandable brand that can grow! Geez I was making life complicated LOL!! Thanks for all the help”.

Colleen Heidecker Chef & Master Chocolatier – Alberta, Canada

“Let’s just say this guy know his apples, his knowledge on branding & marketing is on a whole new level this is what he did for me.  1) Saved me money  2) Saved me time  3) Understand market trends  4) Streamline my message  5) Effective branding for my IG  6) ROI return on investment  7) Growth on Instagram & social media. Thanks Arthur I owe big time”.

John Magee – Best Selling Author and Founder of KindnessMatters

About me

My name is Arthur Luke I’m a branding expert, advisor, coach and lifelong entrepreneur.

Previously, creative director of the world’s biggest branding agency, I’ve been helping some of the worlds biggest brands and smallest startups as well as my own to find success for over 35 years.

I help entrepreneurs, CEOs, global corporations, start-ups, authors and people just like you turn themselves and their ideas into powerful, successful and profitable brands.