Online Masterclass – Enrollment opens – 2022

Are you ‘just another business’, lost in the crowd, struggling to survive?

Transform you, your idea, your passion or your business into a powerful, successful brand.

Course Contents

Each step consists of a tutorial video, pdf guide plus a step-by-step action list.

8x Videos

8x PDFs

8x ActionLists



STEP 1: Where to begin
How you start will make or break your dream of building a successful brand.
*It’s that important*

STEP 2: Who is your ‘real’ customer?
I guarantee they’re not who you think they are! Until you know your audience you will never be able to sell to them?

STEP 3: How to create your brand name and why
There’s more ‘brand power’ in an unforgettable name and tagline than you can imagine! It’s the phrase that pays!

Get it wrong and you may regret it for many years to come.

STEP 4: How to create your story!
To build a powerful, successful brand you need clear, compelling messages that inspire and spread like wildfire. Passion persuades and clarity converts.

STEP 5: How to build a loyal following!
Learn how to grow a passionate and loyal following who will buy everything you sell.

STEP 6: Help! Why does no one buy my products?
How to guarantee ‘your brand’ stands out from the crowd. And It has nothing to do with colour, design, or size.

STEP 7: How to position your new brand to succeed in a crowded marketplace
If you know how to position your brand in the marketplace customers will be banging on your door to buy!

STEP 8: Putting it all together.
Learn how to apply everything we have covered to your new brand.  A step by step process to success!

*BONUS CONTENT  – Resource Library
My complete library of resources and links for free online tools that will make life a hell of a lot easier for you.

How many customers are you losing because they simply don’t know you exist?

Stop wasting time chasing the wrong customers in the wrong way with the wrong message?


Next enrollment opens – 2022


Who am I?

I’m a branding expert, coach and lifelong entrepreneur.

For over 35 years I have been helping some of the worlds biggest brands and smallest start-ups as well as my own to find success.

I help entrepreneurs, CEOs, global corporations, start-ups, coaches, authors and thought-leaders turn themselves into powerful brands through my signature ‘Brand You’ online course, blog, and one-on-one coaching.